Sunday, May 3, 2009

True Ansar Response to Marvin X Vol. 3

In the Name of Thee Creator Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, Thee Messenger Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Thee Holy Spirit of Truth, Ansar El Muhammad Thee Select One Thee Allah Master J Man.


As a member of J’s Temple of Islam and Community of Ansar El Muhammad, I am somewhat familiar with Marvin X and his work. Obviously by his X, he has studied or at least been influenced by the teachings of Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Since We The Ansar El Muhammad here at J’s Temple of Islam hold these same teachings dear, one would naturally conclude that there would be a degree of camaraderie or Brotherly love based on this point alone.

What would make Marvin X associate Mr. Mixon, a disgruntled young brother who shot and killed four Oakland Police Officers with Us The Ansar El Muhammad at J’s Temple of Islam??? Did Mr. Mixon profess or claim to be an Ansar El Muhammad? No! Did the police find any literature, books or materials in this young brother’s vehicle that ties him to The Ansar El Muhammad or the Nation of Islam? No! Upon doing a background investigation of Mr. Mixon did the police find that he had any associations in the penitentiary or on the streets with The Ansar El Muhammad? No! So what is the foundational basis of Marvin X’s claims?

Marvin X based he’s claims on the fact the Mr. Mixons sister, (who’s house he ran to after the first series of shootings) resided in the same neighborhood as a handful of The Ansar El Muhammd, is enough for him to make the foolish claim that Mr. Mixon was missioned by The Ansar El Muhammad to go out and murder four police officers.

(Let’s be glad that this man is not a District Attorney.) If that was the case then it would be fair to say that whatever neighborhood you live in, right now, you are automatically affiliated with the religious organizations in that area. So if your live on a predominately Latino block, who are Catholics, then you must be a catholic and if your brother has a shootout with the police and runs to your house to hide out than he’s a Catholic to. Or if you live in an area with at large Asian population who are Buddhist then you must be a Buddhist also and if your son is running from the police and runs to your house then obviously he is also a Buddhist. How does this sound?

Mr. Marvin X we don’t know whose payroll you are on or what your motivation is for making these claims but you should quit because you are attacking a peace loving, God fearing people who are working toward bettering and uplifting the condition of the Black Man and Black Woman in our Communities today.

Ansar El Muhammad