Sunday, May 3, 2009

True Ansar Response to Marvin X Vol. 3

In the Name of Thee Creator Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, Thee Messenger Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Thee Holy Spirit of Truth, Ansar El Muhammad Thee Select One Thee Allah Master J Man.


As a member of J’s Temple of Islam and Community of Ansar El Muhammad, I am somewhat familiar with Marvin X and his work. Obviously by his X, he has studied or at least been influenced by the teachings of Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Since We The Ansar El Muhammad here at J’s Temple of Islam hold these same teachings dear, one would naturally conclude that there would be a degree of camaraderie or Brotherly love based on this point alone.

What would make Marvin X associate Mr. Mixon, a disgruntled young brother who shot and killed four Oakland Police Officers with Us The Ansar El Muhammad at J’s Temple of Islam??? Did Mr. Mixon profess or claim to be an Ansar El Muhammad? No! Did the police find any literature, books or materials in this young brother’s vehicle that ties him to The Ansar El Muhammad or the Nation of Islam? No! Upon doing a background investigation of Mr. Mixon did the police find that he had any associations in the penitentiary or on the streets with The Ansar El Muhammad? No! So what is the foundational basis of Marvin X’s claims?

Marvin X based he’s claims on the fact the Mr. Mixons sister, (who’s house he ran to after the first series of shootings) resided in the same neighborhood as a handful of The Ansar El Muhammd, is enough for him to make the foolish claim that Mr. Mixon was missioned by The Ansar El Muhammad to go out and murder four police officers.

(Let’s be glad that this man is not a District Attorney.) If that was the case then it would be fair to say that whatever neighborhood you live in, right now, you are automatically affiliated with the religious organizations in that area. So if your live on a predominately Latino block, who are Catholics, then you must be a catholic and if your brother has a shootout with the police and runs to your house to hide out than he’s a Catholic to. Or if you live in an area with at large Asian population who are Buddhist then you must be a Buddhist also and if your son is running from the police and runs to your house then obviously he is also a Buddhist. How does this sound?

Mr. Marvin X we don’t know whose payroll you are on or what your motivation is for making these claims but you should quit because you are attacking a peace loving, God fearing people who are working toward bettering and uplifting the condition of the Black Man and Black Woman in our Communities today.

Ansar El Muhammad

Sunday, April 12, 2009

True Ansar Response to Marvin X Vol. 2

In the Name of Thee Creator Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, Thee Messenger Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Thee Holy Spirit of Truth, Ansar El Muhammad Thee Select One Thee Allah Master J Man.

“The Need for Responsible Reporting”

Now that a Sunday School Teacher has been charged with the murder of the child in Tracy, CA will, Marvin X utilize his pseudo intellectual imperceptions in condemning that school of thought or whatever so called Christian denomination she may belong to and represent? Does her religious doctrine teach to kill children? Does any Christian religious doctrine teach to kill children? It may be worth the investigation (for argument sake)…?

Since she is white, is she affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan or Aryian brotherhood… after all this is a hate crime against the child. Does this mean that the grandfather of the accused is a criminal also, since he is the leader of the church congregation??

This can be considered inflammatory or aggressively agitating a fresh and open wound.
[Study the blogs that are published concerning this tragic matter!!]

This is the reason that writers, journalist and reporters etc. have an obligation to speak the truth and speak it responsibly. Not so much speculation or conjecturing or guessing. It is so very easy to assassinate the livelihood or characters of innocent people due to a “Starving Marvin” type of mentality. Countless people have lost their lives due to the fact of somebody lied, spoke out of turn or gave some misinformation sometimes with good intentions.

I wonder if any innocent lives were lost when a white woman in North Carolina lied and said her car was car jacked by a black man and her three children was taken, only later to find she drove them into a lake.

Its this unregistered “X” type who rushes to print or speak on a situation without knowing the facts. Really without a concern for the welfare of anybody involved, because if he had any true concern at all he would have at least tried to contact the certified authorities of interest. [However he is seeking to be recognized by his open enemies, thinking that his thirty seconds of fame may translate to a meal ticket].

P.S. We were doing a little investigation; we found in the literature of Thee Ansar El Muhammad, the True 2nd and Final Resurrection of Thee Creator Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, Thee Messenger Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Ansar El Muhammad Thee Select One, Thee Holy Spirit of Truth, Thee Allah Master J Man, A Lesson entitled: The Four Square Structure. Any true Ansar El Muhammad is Familiar with, and strictly adheres to this lesson, as it has been circulated since 1986. In it is a section Titled: “Proper Way of Handling People”. Which say;

Question #1: Should military personal, (police, correctional officers, etc.) approach you in a derogatory manner what should you do?

Answer: Submit give him/her your identification and answer any questions asked of you in a polite manner, [do not] react in a negative manner or with a hostile attitude.

Ansar El Muhammad

True Ansar Response to Marvin X Vol 1

In the Name of Thee Creator Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, Thee Messenger Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Thee Holy Spirit of Truth, Ansar El Muhammad Thee Select One Thee Allah Master J Man.

TO MARVIN X #1 4-10-09
The Difference with AEM is the Muslim name: Ansar

Anyone can call themselves by a Muslim name such as Ansar. However, the Muslim Name; Ansar is not a mere Nick name. In fact the Holy Quran states; evil is a bad nick name after faith. Muslims must take a Shahada to truly receive an Attribute [Name] of ALLAH.

The name Ansar comes from the history of Islam and Life of Prophet Muhammad. The Ansar were/are the Helpers of Muhammad. The Ansar [of Arabia] had a reputation of being warriors. Today many groups loosely apply the name to their movement or organization.

Thee True Ansar of This day sign a covenant kept in a Temple Registry in order to officially wear the name Ansar. They also change all of their ID’s legally. It is most notable to acknowledge that all throughout the world there are groups using the name Ansar. There is even a city in Palestine bearing the name Ansar.

Important to note also is, there are some differences of beliefs of those Orthodox Muslims in the Middle East, and the Black (s/c African American Muslims) in the Nation of Islam. One most significant difference is the belief in a spook or invisible god, and a heaven in the sky.

This fact is; a most important point for reflection as we investigate the motive for Marvin X’s false presumptuous, slanderous, defaming, reckless, careless and potentially deadly writings [where he attempts slandering the Ansar by Associating them with the Deadly shooting of Police Officers in Oakland]. To do this Marvin X purposely misapplies and confuses several tenets of the teachings and ignores vast differences between the ideology or interpretation of eastern Muslims and those of the Nation of Islam. As well Marvin X totally fabricated portions of his writing to suite his bogus claim.

Not only are there differences in the Islamic teachings of the Middle East and those of The Nation of Islam here in the West. There is also a difference in the manner in which the majority of members inherit the faith. Most in the Middle East are born into Islam and facing a slightly different form of oppression than we “currently” face. While the young original Black American s/c Negroes inherit the faith by discovery, often this discovery happens in stages.

Anyone vaguely familiar with the plight of the American s/c Negros knows that 85% are steeped in the western stereo-typical image and hip hop/thug culture, which in many cases, is deemed as glorifying guns, drugs, sex and violence.

Regardless to an individual’s affinity, curiosity or fascination with any organized religious group, we should not assume they are properly espousing that group’s doctrine without research and proof. Nor should we assume that they are registered members of that group without research and proof. In addition, there is also the fact of a persons membership standing. Aside from fairy tales etc, reality proves that some make resolutions, commitments, and join churches, synagogues, mosques etc, and later fall back to their old, weak, or evil ways. Should the Movement they at one time sought to become a part of, be guilty for their actions after their fall from grace? Think on it [we’ll come back to that].
There is much obvious evidence that Mr. Mixon was not an Ansar El Muhammad, nor even influenced by Islam whatsoever. Marvin X Himself wears the X popularized by the Nation of Islam, yet certainly does not hold any official membership in the Nation of Islam, nor is the Nation of Islam responsible for his slanderous writings, simply because he somewhat falsely wears an X. Most Muslims do not hide there faith. TV shows have popularized the term [Taqiyah]. America’s atmosphere against Muslims has not risen to that level of severity. However, statements false slanderous reckless penmanship as done by Marvin X could start or speed America up on this downward trend.
Even the DC Sniper gave his name as Muhammad, though he had no current, valid, or true affiliation with the Nation of Islam. Clearly Mixon utilized the name Mixon.

Askari X, as a young black man growing up in Oakland faced the same societal influences that most s/c African American males face, with a fascination into the Thug Life, He, Askari X was later introduced to The Socialist Ideology of The UHURU movement, and later to Islam as taught by Ansar El Muhammad. The neighborhood 72nd and Lacey Street was popularized in Askari X songs only after he was influenced by His fellow group Members RBG. That neighborhood is where some of them grew up. As young Black males, they began searching for knowledge at a young age, which is how they came to espouse some of the ideology of the UHURU Movement. Later they began unofficially studying some Ansar El Muhammad literature in 1988-89. At this time the only bona-fide Ansar El Muhammad study groups were in the prison, besides [of course] those students who were released from prison and reported to Richmond to meet and follow the Baldhead Man.

Askari X experienced many of the growing pains as any other young Blackman searching to find himself, and upon finding Islam as taught by Ansar El Muhammad, He sought to be restored and re-established on his righteous square. RBG released a five song maxi single in 1989, which influenced Askari to later write the Album, Ward of The State, which boost him into neighborhood stardom. The neighborhood [72nd and Lacey] was somewhat affected, yet nothing near the ridiculous relation given by Marvin X. Many young African American males fascinated with the hip hop phenomenon, will conform to whatever will give them access to stardom. In addition many young black people naturally gravitate to Islam as it frees them from the deceptive false religions that evolved out of the Nicean Council.

Askari X espouses a mixture of ideologies, one being that of a revolutionary, who uses carnal weapons and guns to obtain freedom, along the lines of the Black Panthers and the Afrikan Peoples Socialist Party. The other being that of s/c Black Islam [Teachings of thee Nation of Islam] as taught by Ansar El Muhammad, Thee Select One, thee ALLAH Master J, which is foundated on the teachings of Thee Messenger, Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which strictly forbids the use of or even possession of guns or carnal weapons of any sort. Askari X also mixes in various levels glorifying the Thug culture, slang, even drug use at times, all with an intent of capturing the imagination of African American youth with audio imagery similar to the conditions they grow up in. As any movie script writer, director, or producer, He [AskariX] without double standard could be innocent of any negative influence his songs may have on those who listen to his songs.
In addition, those who hear his songs may adopt some of his slogans, and even begin loosely referring to themselves by the name he promotes in the songs [Ansar or RBG]. Does this mean they are Official Members?

Of course this question relies heavily on the fact, of whether or not there is any such thing as an “Official Membership Organization.” Once an Official membership Organization is Established, a clear distinction can be easily made. Marvin X mentions the Founder of Ansar El Muhammad, yet mentions nothing of the fact that many students learned direct from the founder at a home in Richmond [which is considered the Holy City by Thee True Ansar]. The neighborhoods around, 72nd and Lacey are not by any stretch of the imagination an Ansar Stronghold. Very few if any in or around that neighborhood know anything about Ansar El Muhammad, other than the name itself and the greeting “Sajada Lahu.”

A true Scholar, or good journalist, especially one who cares for black people would never, write such slanderous things about a group trying to help our struggling communities, and would never make such potentially deadly false associations in the weeks and aftermath of so many police killings.

A True scholar researches before rushing to try to catch the next trend of Popularity.

As with any Religious Ideology, there are those falsely claiming the faith, there are others who are purposely placed saboteurs, while others are innocently confused, then there are those sincere yet snared by societal addictions, yet with any good calling there are those who have achieved degrees of success in being restored to righteousness. You go tell that fox I do miracles today and tomorrow I am perfected, as Jesus stated, A friend of Politicians and sinners, yet wisdom is justified by the children.

Thee True Ansar El Muhammad students of Ansar El Muhammad Thee Select One Thee Allah Master J, were blessed to Established J’s Temple of Islam as a bona fied religious non profit organization in 2005, after serving our people since 1966 following the instruction of Thee Holy Spirit of Truth Ansar El Muhammad Thee Select One Thee Allah Master J.
To make a clear distinction between anyone who claim the name and are yet involved in the societal influence of crime etc. For anyone who seek clarification of our teachings, or would like to receive more information about our history please contact J’s Temple of Islam at 510-236-2883. You can also write us for an invitation to J’s Temple of Islam at P.O. Box 3406, Oakland, CA 94609

Yours Truly Ansar El Muhammad [True Founder of RBG]