Sunday, April 12, 2009

True Ansar Response to Marvin X Vol. 2

In the Name of Thee Creator Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, Thee Messenger Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Thee Holy Spirit of Truth, Ansar El Muhammad Thee Select One Thee Allah Master J Man.

“The Need for Responsible Reporting”

Now that a Sunday School Teacher has been charged with the murder of the child in Tracy, CA will, Marvin X utilize his pseudo intellectual imperceptions in condemning that school of thought or whatever so called Christian denomination she may belong to and represent? Does her religious doctrine teach to kill children? Does any Christian religious doctrine teach to kill children? It may be worth the investigation (for argument sake)…?

Since she is white, is she affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan or Aryian brotherhood… after all this is a hate crime against the child. Does this mean that the grandfather of the accused is a criminal also, since he is the leader of the church congregation??

This can be considered inflammatory or aggressively agitating a fresh and open wound.
[Study the blogs that are published concerning this tragic matter!!]

This is the reason that writers, journalist and reporters etc. have an obligation to speak the truth and speak it responsibly. Not so much speculation or conjecturing or guessing. It is so very easy to assassinate the livelihood or characters of innocent people due to a “Starving Marvin” type of mentality. Countless people have lost their lives due to the fact of somebody lied, spoke out of turn or gave some misinformation sometimes with good intentions.

I wonder if any innocent lives were lost when a white woman in North Carolina lied and said her car was car jacked by a black man and her three children was taken, only later to find she drove them into a lake.

Its this unregistered “X” type who rushes to print or speak on a situation without knowing the facts. Really without a concern for the welfare of anybody involved, because if he had any true concern at all he would have at least tried to contact the certified authorities of interest. [However he is seeking to be recognized by his open enemies, thinking that his thirty seconds of fame may translate to a meal ticket].

P.S. We were doing a little investigation; we found in the literature of Thee Ansar El Muhammad, the True 2nd and Final Resurrection of Thee Creator Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, Thee Messenger Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Ansar El Muhammad Thee Select One, Thee Holy Spirit of Truth, Thee Allah Master J Man, A Lesson entitled: The Four Square Structure. Any true Ansar El Muhammad is Familiar with, and strictly adheres to this lesson, as it has been circulated since 1986. In it is a section Titled: “Proper Way of Handling People”. Which say;

Question #1: Should military personal, (police, correctional officers, etc.) approach you in a derogatory manner what should you do?

Answer: Submit give him/her your identification and answer any questions asked of you in a polite manner, [do not] react in a negative manner or with a hostile attitude.

Ansar El Muhammad

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  1. Sajada La Hu!

    We think that this is a very important subject that needs to get to the community about an individual who's behavior has been questionable, to say the least, for decades. Check his track record. Good work! POCC MOI JR